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If I would introduce to you Bavarian towns and villages so I have to show you the village Gilching too, one of my former living locations. Gilching is one of the three biggest villages in the Starnberg area. It is placed in the western part of Munichs recreation region where a lot of lakes can be found. Some of you will perhaps know the names like „Starnberger See“ or „Ammersee“ .

In Gilching you can stop at three stations of Munichs suburban train system. You can reach Munich downtown with that train in about 35 minutes or on the near highway (Munich-Lindau) by car in about 20 minutes, but not in the rushhour times, these are like you are homeused. From or to the Munich airport you need with the suburban train about 1,5 hour or by car around 50 minutes over highways.

As a visitor you will find in Gilching all the urban necessities the residents need in a town or village. A lot of crafts, middle industry, shops from nearly all branch, drugstores, medical profession, farmer products. For recreation we have some nightbars, discos, a lot of restaurants with local and international kitchen, cinema and sports possibilities.

For the guests and business visitors of the local industry, the RUAG company or DLR (German Center Aero-Space) in Oberpfaffenhofen, very near located to Gilching, we have several small guesthouses and some bigger hotels, the main one is our Hotel Thalmeier (click the name or the white small banner above) . Pickup from or to the airport, to Munich downtown including sighseeing, visits of exhibitions or others, drives to the lakes or the mountains (castle sightseeing) can you book with me or the local taxi company Helmut Schlager, phone eiteher 0049-8105-1234 or mobil 0177-7710555.

Some history about our village

Proved by archeologists the roots of living people in the village area reach back till 1800 year before the christian calendar starts. Also there are some artefacts from the Romans as they build up their empire in Europe. The first written document about Gilching is timed in the year 804.

A special historical artefact is a bell named „Arnoldusbell“, one of the oldest bells with an inscription in whole Germany. She was produced in 1170, was missed over some centuries, was found (they tell it in a fairytale) by a bull ploughing with his farmer the ground at 1830.

In the second world war the priest of the church had 14 days before big attacks to Munich are coming by the Allies a presentiment and took the bell down from the tower. So she was saved a second time in her long life, because the tower was burned down but not the room in the church where he placed it.

By the way, a lot of you perhaps remember the times of the cold war between the eastern and western blocks after world war two. Also you has the excellent help from the Allies with their airlift to Berlin, the old and now new capital of Germany, in your memory. You must know, I was born in 1949 in Berlin, grew up by the help of the Allies and was very astonished to found out that from this village Gilching, near located to the old airport Oberpfaffenhofen, now run by RUAG, a big part of the airlift stream to Berlin in that bad old days were coming.
(Quelle: „Wie es in Gilching war“ - Rudolf Schicht u. Gem. Gilching)

A funny tale

Most of you know that in the Middle Ages the European people believes in gold making possibilities. If you will visit our village you can find a street named „Goldmakeralley“. But this doesn't mean, that in the old times there were some alchimists. The name comes from a excellent cheating guy in the years 1924 till 1929, who pulls by pretending to be able making gold a lot of high finance and politicians in our town, taking their money and escape. This is proved by articles in the international press from that time. But they caught him later on and put him in jail.

Script by J.W.Lohfink, for any mistakes in spell or grammar I apologize as a precaution, corrections, questions or comments please mail to me.

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