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Hello friends of Germany, especially of Bavaria and mine (I hope). Today I'll tell you about a two-day-trip with wonderful guests coming from a Danube cruise. Two couples had made a long flight from the States to Budapest in Hungary, where a big cruise along the Danube and further on till Amsterdam was starting. My guests had booked the cruise on the MS Bolero (MS = motorship) till Nuernberg, where I picked them up.

The last weeks we had nearly spring in Germany although the end of March was not reached till yet. But on this morning, I startet in Munich at 5 a.m. in a small snow storm, the last attack of the winter. Reaching Nuernberg at 7 a.m. Snow was changed in rain and it seemed spring was coming back. Shortly to 8 a.m. Ginny and Gene and Nadine and Willi came „on board“ to me and we started for our country ride. First destination was Weimar, a town in Thuringia. Via Bayreuth and Hof, the highway was still leading through Bavaria we're going „east“. Thuringia is one of the old states of the former separeted part of Germany. So, if you hear some times the name „East Germany“ or former „DDR“, that is the area we were going to.

We reached Weimar around lunch time and first checked in our hotel, a nice small one with the name „Fürstenhof“. Here you see it with my „ship“ in front.

After that we drove to Buchenwald, there is a memorial of the „dark times“ from Germany's history. In Buchenwald there was once Europe's biggest concentration camp located, about 250 000 prisoners were there and about 50 000 lose their lifes. Later on, after the War, the russian troups used that location still again as an awful jail for all people they didn't like in their occupied part of Germany.


If you want more detailed informations about Buchenwald please use the following link, English language is also provided:

While my guests visited the memorial I had for reasons of driving security a little nap and after that we started to discover Weimar itself. This town is well known as the home of famous poetries like Schiller and Goethe. To their lifetime the Earl of Weimar was a big sponsor of arts and people with genius.

Here you can see the summer palace „Belvedere“ - I think the name means „beautiful view“. Surrounded by a huge park with marvellous sights in the area.

One of the side buildings, the „Orangerie“ (in former times a kind of Botanic Garden for the aristocrats in closed rooms with exotic flowers and trees) had just while we were there a flower exhibition. And some flowers my guests know from their home, the beautiful Hawaii.

After that we wanted to see a little bit more of the town Weimar itself. So we walked from our hotel a few minutes and here we are:

That place here is called „Frauenplatz“, although the „sleeping giant“ is looking like a male. Maybe he should symbolize the female wish to have a strong male always around :-) . Just around the next corner the Marktplatz is located. We reached him just at 5 p.m., so we're just exact in time for the wonderful playing of the carillon on top of the Town Mayors house.

Just contrary of that the „Cranach-Haus“ is located – Cranach was a famous painter in the times of Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant religion.

A few steps more and we stand in front of the town pallace of Weimar.

From there we returned trough a small street where we had a very nice event. In the window of a little store we saw a lot of good looking like made in Russia. A nice young man inside saw us looking, opened the door and invite us to look inside too, although he was just installing the store. He spoke German like me, had a very good English too and was in reality a nature Russian guy. And he was so nice, if everybody would be like him there would be no more troubles on world between different folks.
After that really nice adventure we had dinner in a small family-like looking restaurant. Food was very good, the service too, so wie finish that day happy and walk back to our hotel.

Next morning we started in direction Frankfurt/Main. The first stop was in Eisenach to visit the huge castle „Wartburg“.

Catholic people, familiar with the saints in the church, maybe know the Wartburg as the former home of Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia, the very young died brave wife of king Ludwig. She was famous by her behavior and heartfully help to sick, poor and dieing people in the middle ages.
Protestant people maybe know the Wartburg as the castle, where Martin Luther was sitting in a kind of security jail – the pope and his followers wanted to kill him after his complain about the church - and where he was translating the new testament of the bibel into German language in roughly eight months. So he opened the knowledge of the holy book to all people – before that only priests could read and talk about it.

The lady, who was our guide, told a lot of nice stories. One you should here too, the story about the first building of that castle. A duke named „Ludwig, der Springer“ (Ludwig, the Jumper – his nick name) found that location on the high mountain so marvellous, so he decided to build the castle on. But the mountain was not his own area and the real owners complained against him to the German Emperor, as Ludwig let start the building. In the Middle Ages the Emperor was the highest judge in Germany and he called Ludwig to his court. Ludwig has heard this and clever, as he was, he had sended several trailers with earth from his own flats to the mountain to cover the planned castle area with that. Because he knew, how the Emperor mostly ask in area-fights. And he was right in his thinking. So, as the Emperor asked him, why he occupy strange ground for his castle, he answered: „Sire, I'm building the castle only on my earth“ - he won the court.

By the way, here is the room of Martin Luther in the castle

After the castle visit we drove till Fulda, once and today the town of a Bishop. There is a huge cathedral, a wonderful pallace and a nice old town part.

Because it was a market-sunday – in Germany a special day for opening all stores on a sunday, normally closed – the town was nearly overcrowded. But after nearly 40 minutes I was lucky to find a parking space and so you can see some views of our visit in Fulda.

The pallace and here a view to the old houses

But we had to drive again, because next morning the flight of my guest would go and the hotel must be reached first. About 90 minutes later we arrived in Darmstadt near Frankfurt and had so finished our two-days-cruise through through Bavaria, Thuringia and Hessen (Fulda, Darmstadt and Frankfurt/Main are in Hessen) – three German States in two days. A wonderful and interesting trip over 600 kilometer or about 400 miles. There in Darmstadt my partner Mr. Welzel took my guests, had a nice evening roundtrip and a good dinner with them – I said „good bye“, my guests „Aloha“.

I hope, you, dear reader, has also a little bit fun by this trip. If you sometimes like one, don't hesitate to ask. Maybe we can arrange a nice cruise with me and mine or Mr. Welzel's full-size-van where ever you want to go.

See you hopely soon on another travel site of mine or personally sometimes in Bavaria

with hearty greetings

your George

Script by J.W.Lohfink, for any mistakes in spell or grammar I apologize as a precaution, corrections, questions or comments please mail to me.

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