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My business station is located in the district of Fuerstenfeldbruck, my living rooms were a long time in Gilching. This town is not far from Munich, about 25 kilometers in direction to Augsburg. From the nearly 32 000 inhabitants a lot of them are working in Munich area. They can reach the Bavarian Capital by the highway, some federal roads or the suburban train very easy and quick.

People from the military or airpilots know Fuerstenfeldbruck as one big air base, not so heavy used now by the changes in the politics. One bad day is kept in memory of that airbase because 1972 some Israelian sportsmen were killed there by terrorists.

The town has all necessary supply for the citizens and visitors. A main reason for a visit could be a trip to the Former Monastery Church of Fürstenfeld. People who like Italian stucco arts and paints from the Rokoko and Barock, big names like the Brothers Asam leaved pictures there, would be appreciated.

A short view back in history

In the 12th century the town was named "market bruck". The reason why: there was a good place to cross the river Amper and the old salt street from the south, leading over Munich to Augsburg, was a very important road. So the ancient goverment places on this "bruck"= bridge a road toll house.

In 1256 happened a great injustice. The Bavarian Duke Ludwig II (the Severe) was far from home. His young wife, Maria von Brabant, wrote him letters, but one of these was not supposed for him. It was changed by an employe, perhaps a mistake, perhaps a political intrigue. The letter normally would be harmless, the legend says, it was only a nice letter to another aristocrat telling him thanks for his friendship and allow him to use a personally adress in talks.

Her husband in his rashness let her behead because of alleged adultery. Later after coming back he found out that he was a fool and the judgement an injustice.

In 1263 Cistercian monks from Lower Bavaria founded this monastery on the "Prince's field" as a penitence which had been imposed for the Duke's impulsive act by Pope Alexander IV.

Diggig in old papers I found a "new" old tale from the district of Fuerstenfeldbruck for the "kids" under my visitors.

Haunt at the Wiegenberg(-hill)

This Wiegen- or Staffelberg named "mountain" is located between Fuerstenfeldbruck and the small village Schoengeising about 7 kilometer away. It is in comparation to the near Alps only a hill but in elder times people believed him as a meeting point of witches and others similar bad persons, so they told that hill also the "Witchmountain".

Once upon a time three well situated men walking back from Fuerstenfeldbruck to Schoengeising. It was late, sun was away and the night let grow the shadows on the road. The three were happy and perhaps a little bit drunken. Arriving at the foot of that descripted hill they were suddenly most astonished because they saw a big restaurant they never had seen before there. Normally they were good users of all restaurants in the district (look the similarity to "The musician of Blonnhoven").

But there was no doubt about, it was a restaurant with bright clear windows, a golden can hang outside for promotion. First they hesitate, but you know, curiosity is always strong, they went into. Wow, what a party. Some people sang, some played, good beer and wine were there and two of our three forgot all fear and participate on that great party. They drank, they throw the dices and they won lots of gold. But the third one did nothing same, he smelled the evil. As some maid offered him a big glass of alcohol he pushed the liquor behind his back silent.

The party was going up to the morning as the church bells of Schoengeising were sounding through the clear morning air giving their greetings to the Lord's angels. In the same moment the restaurant and all party guests disappeared like a lightning. The two with the big fun and winnings found themselves sitting in a swamp and in their pockets only junk. But the third guy was sitting on a tree and laughed like a devil about his comrades pulling themselves out of the mud.

Another story about miserly farmers is the following one:

The "hoi-hoi-man"

Near the small village Aufkirchen in the Fuerstenfeldbruck district the old people told, that once a lot of late night walkers in the area were feared to death by a black huge figure carrying something heavy in his arms and always suddenly appearing and crying "hoi, hoi". Everybody was running away, sometimes losing the way and hurting themselves through the bushes or twigs by running like hares through the wood. But one man was brave, he asked the haunt at his "hoi hoi" only "what do you want?". The ghost answered "I want to know what I shall do with that borderstone in my hands". The brave man replied " hey you fool, put him there where you put it from" and since that time the "hoi-hoi-man" was solved. His crime, dislocating borderstones, was forgiven.

Script by J.W.Lohfink, for any mistakes in spell or grammar I apologize as a precaution, corrections, questions or comments please mail to me.

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