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Depending on point of view the Romantic Street has in the town Fuessen the start or the end. I have you shown two towns nearly on the other end, Dinkelsbuehl and Tauberbischofsheim, now we are at the foot of the Alps.

In former times the Romans were coming over their famous "Via Claudia Augusta" to Fuessen, from here the roads lead once and now to Kempten, Augsburg or Munich.

This landscape includes for every taste everything. Gentle hills, big mountains, the natural valley of the river Lech, clear and nice lakes and the world-famous royal castles like Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

On Neuschwanstein, you see a little deeper, there you can have now a cup of coffee and cakes at King Ludwig's II. They opened the second floor for the public and built in a new coffeeshop.

The town Fuessen is only 4 kilometers away from these castles but do you know, that in that town they have one of the biggest and main important castles in former Bavarian Swabia area?

To that a little later. first we are talking about vacation. Fuessen has some districts like Bad Faulenbach, Hopfen am See and Weissensee. People who want do something for their health and their own well-being have a big number of hotels and sanatoriums to select. Bad Faulenbach for example is located in the car-free Faulenbach Valley Nature Park and is famous for his mineral- and swamp-bath-methods.

Hopfen am See is named the "Allgaeu Riviera" because the townscape has a southern elegance and a fantastic panorama view of the Alpine peaks. The picture shows a great look and an old use, Alphorn-blowing.

The area around Fuessen offers a lot of accommodations, if you want it really rustic, but also with some vacation comfort, you can stay at some farmer's houses too. The good country air you will have everywhere because that area has not big industry. You like sports? Then you will be very happy in the "King's Nook" and Fuessen.

About two hundred kilometres of hiking path you can use in that locality, chances for kite flying, paragliding or ballooning are there. Tennis, riding, golf, sailing, gliding, wind surfing, angling, boat trips, all kind of sports for summer are possible. And in winter you will see, Fuessen is a nice town for cross-country and alpine skiing in the same time. You can visit the National ice hockes training centre or in a few time you reach Tyrol.

Reasons to come to Fuessen are so much it will cost to much time to talk about each. How you can reach that town. Easy, arriving at Munich airport I can drive you by car in about 2 hours to your accommodation. The nearly 160 km / 110 miles are good to drive and you will see on the road the beauty of that landscape. Train connections are also possible. And not to forget, the highway A 7 coming from Ulm/Kempten is ending near Fuessen, short 18 km/12 ml away.

Some words about culture and just we are now directly in the town. Long before king Ludwig II. has built the world-known castles the town Fuessen was always a summer vacation place of kings and the prince-bishops of Augsburg.

For people who like a little bit of history: As between 1308 and 1313 the German emperor Heinrich VII. made a war-trip to Italy he needed soldiers and supply. The bishop Heinrich from Augsburg gave him ten fighting-horses and ten knights. The emperor gave him Fuessen as a pawn . This security was never paid back and so the bishops of Augsburg has that area till 1803 as their own.

In 1500 bishop Friedrich II. of Zollern let built that "high castle" you can see and visit now. It is one of the main important castle-buildings in the area of bavarian Swabia.

In the inside famous painters had made fassades you will first see in the last moment that a lot of them are only illusions. A lot of style is there to look at, Barock, Rokoko, Renaissance, the oldest picture of the "Death Dance". You see, a one-day-trip could be to short because there are a lot of hidden jewels in the area of Fuessen.

So, if you are now planning a vacation, think about some days in Fuessen. Visiting the castles and the town, walking in the good country air, I guess, you will be very hungry soon.

Therefore good bavarian kitchen in a lot of nice restaurants is waiting, international dishes also. And for shopping, believe me, there are enough stores around with old and new goods.

Now I will finish my "net-trip" to Fuessen but one last and main important thing: each year they have in Fuessen a lot of cultural highlights. More informations you can get from the town Fuessen either directly or send a mail to the touristic office.

If you want have a marvellous accommodation just in front of the castles so it will not need long time to visit please take a look on this website: Hotel Ruebezahl - you will be pleased very well. Pick-upfrom the airport to and bring-back from that hotel will be a pleasure for me (and I can earn some money for living too).

Staying in Munich you can order me for a nice guided tour to this both castles and if we can start early enough I will show you the castle of Linderhof and some two other highlights too. Prices depends on time and your wishes.

Script by J.W.Lohfink, for any mistakes in spell or grammar I apologize as a precaution, corrections, questions or comments please mail to me.

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