Nuernberg - once center of the German Empire, today the Capital of Franconia

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Hello again, long time not seen. Yes, business caught my time but today I'm back for you and we make a trip to Nürnberg. A lot of nice places in Bavaria you've seen till yet, from the west to the east in short let me remind you for example Kempten, Kaufbeuren, Füssen, Garmisch, München, Bamberg, Coburg, Würzburg and some more. But on some trips to Franconia we've always missed the capital there and so your Munich airportshuttle will hit that nice town just now.

Nuernberg is nearly secret located, not even driving the main highways to the north or east you can see some parts of that town. But your airport-shuttle-munich (that's me) will find it. From Munich airport Franz-Josef-Strauss we have exactly 151 km/ about 100 miles to Nuernberg main-train-station.

We will need a little bit more than one hour for the drive if not the highway is jammed or filled up with a lot of tourists. Reaching the main train station, you can see an old fassade but in the inside they just try to build for the new time. And because the station is located direct in view of the old town walls it is a good combination to connect history and our time.

Hungry? Ok, let's have a special taste, original Nuernberg sausages. Nice looking, aren't they? There is an old rumour that the citizens of Nuernberg had made them so little so it was possible to push them through a key hole to prisoners. Right side you see one old castle lock.

Look at these huge walls and tower. Through that gate we will walk in old Nuernberg down town. But one hint in case you are here on sunday or holidays, when the shops are normally closed. If you maybe need batteries or a film for your camera, buy it at main train station. In down town you will hardly find a shop with that supply.

This guy shows you a bell, does he mean, it's time to go home or in church? A question he'll never will answer.

Maybe you can ask in the "little brewery" you can see below at the next picture. A curious name for that big building, I think.

In former times that was the tax hall of Nuernberg (in German Maut-Halle - this old word you will find actually in Austria and Italy at the highways to pay "Maut"). Regarding the building these old times must have a lot of money for the town pulled (or pressed) from traders (and tourists ? smile).

This man does not show you the bill which take the shoes from him ( :-), he is the name patron of that "little brewery" named "Barfüßer" = without shoes. That was a monks group in older times and he has the beer document in his hands. Always the same with these males, no shoes at the feet but drinking in mind - I guess some of you would like to have a time-back trip if you see the beer prices now.

Here you have a view back in time to the marvellous years between 1050 - 1487 - the German emperors castle (and pallace in same). Nearly four centuries the big politics were made here and great artists like Duerer (painter), Henlein (clockmaker), Behaim (worldball maker) and others were living in Nuernberg.

The great years are gone but not the kind how people in Nuernberg understand to bake and cook. The Nuernberg cakes named gingerbread are known all over the world and till today they deliver every where by post. Here you see one store ..., hey, stop, not to much, you will not catch the other good food they offer in town here.

By the way, I just remember another historical moment. The first train in Germany was running from Nuernberg to Fuerth (next town, by car 10 minutes) in the year 1835. In that year Nuernberg belongs to Bavaria. But be careful, don't tell a Franconian he is a Bavarian. They don't like that (but don't be afraid, nobody will kill you about saying - grin). This old "hate-love" between tribes I'll explain the next two sentences, ok?

Here you can see the "meat-bridge", from that bridge the citizens of Nuernberg tried to smash the Bavarian Generalgovernor in 1809 into the river as the Austrian army was in near.

For people searching ancestors, you should know, in older times Nuernberg belongs to Prussia but after the French wars under Napoleon it was hit to the kingdom of Bavaria. But the bavarian kings had empty pockets and they filled them by pressing people and tax from Nuernberg. Do you understand that they didn't like the new owner ?

Some of these old views are marvellous like here the "Holy Ghost Hospital" in former times. But you should know, the most of the old looking buildings in town were reconstructed after the Second World War. Nuernberg was nearly to 90 percent destroyed by the allied bombs.

One main reason of this was the name of the town under the nationalsocialist goverment - town of the "empire party days" - in German "Stadt der Reichsparteitage".

These crazy guys thought to connect with or to the great times of the former German empire (in the Middle Ages) because at the "Emperors Castle", left picture again, the old and famous "Empire Treasures" were kept. So Nuernberg not only got this "big" name they also build like crazy.

This is the "Kolosseum", planned and build in loan to the Roman Colosseum in Roma. The Nazis always were thinking, what these Italian had made we could better. So the building was planned for 50 000 people and they build it for eternity. It was so solid that destroying with explosives was senseless and in other ways the price would be over 20 millions of marks.

So you can see still today a part of these dark years in German history. The house is now rented in parts and not used by goverment. The area around is relaxing area and very interesting to visit.

Looking at this tower middle in town you should know, this was only ! a nice lodge of a family named Nassauer. I guess they took the idea of the building construction from Italy, there you can see similar buildings.

Toy- and clock-collectors know that Nuernberg was former a big town of good handmade articles. Each year they had a big fair in town for toys and within the year you can visit some museums of toys. A amazing and famous clock you can see at the Frauenkirche on main place.

Just contrary of the "female church" there is the "beauty fountain". This masterpiece exists since 1385, in some centuries a little bit renewed and restored. The fence around is to keep away thiefes (or the town mayors). Why the town mayors? Oh, these guys can be sometimes worser than thiefes, especially in Nuernberg. There is another nice fountain in town, the "Neptuns Fountain" - if you see it, that's not an original, only a copy. The original the town mayors had sold to the Russian Emperor in 1797 because they ran out of money.

Last not least a view at the old "Zeughaus" in Nuernberg. Those of yours familiar with some old German word or slang please do not think "zeug" is the same like "cloth". In former times "zeug" meant the nice tools for making nice neighbourhoods - stuff like swords, bullets, powder and other handsome instruments to show the neighbour who is right - smile.

Before we leave back to Munich or Munich airport maybee one hour a good meeting. How to handle that my picture shows you.

I hope the trip today was again to enjoy. You know, if you ever come to Bavaria and need a transport please give me a call or mail and your airport-shuttle-munich will pick you up. Either we go to nice Franconia or we drive to the dream castle in the Allgaeu. In Nuernberg you see much of the old German history but romantic you have maybe more in Neuschwanstein.

Script and pictures by J.W.Lohfink, for any mistakes in spell or grammar I apologize as a precaution, corrections, questions or comments please mail to me.

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