Passau in Bavaria - the town with the three greatest ones

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Hello again, friends of Bavaria, how are you all? Hope well ! It's a curious headline today, isn't it? Yeah, where ever in the world you will live I suppose your location is surely nice and has famous things, perhaps a greatest one in your country. But you must know, Bavaria is a special district on the maps from Europe and just now I will show you the town Passau, a town with three greatest things, one in Bavaria, one in Europe and one in the world and a historical landmark of all four directions !!!

Let me first give a short introduction to the new visitors of my travel guide. Hi, my name is George and I handle an airportshuttle and limousine service in Munich area. If you one times visit Europe, come over the airport Munich named Franz-Josef-Strauss, you can call me and I pick you up. More about me you can find on my normal business website under

Today you are can drive with me virtuelly through our country and we will visit the town Passau.

I normally start my drives at the airport. It is located about 35 km outside of Munich in the east and very near to the highway A 92. This motorway is coming from the highway cross Munich - Nuernberg and leads over the towns Landshut, Dingolfing till Deggendorf, where it meets the highway A 3 ( we say in Germany „Autobahn“) coming from Regensburg. We turn to the right hand and drive directly to Passau. That's the fastet way for the about 180 km/130 miles.

There are other possibilities to drive through the country side and in the Danube valley, but it will need more time although you will see more from the nice landscape. It will be your decision when you are coming.

The town Passau has a nice connection to the number three. It is located in a corner, we name the „three-country-corner“. In the south there is the border to Austria, in the east the border to the Czech Republic, better known by the name „Bohemia“ in older times ( and by the music).

The next touch to # 3 is the point, that three rivers meet there. From the north the river „Ilz“ is coming, from the west the river „Danube“ and from the south the river „Inn“. After their union in Passau they all three build the main stream of the Danube floating to the East.

In the old times the rivers were the „motorways“ of trade, so people settled on this location 5000 years back from today. The traders sold potteries and salt our historicians say and a lot of old stuff found by archeologist proofe that. Later on till the year 500 after Jesus Christ there was a big military camp of the Romans named „Batavis“, from that the name of the town Passau is coming through the centuries.

The italian size of buildings were refreshed around 1600 after a big fire destroyed the old town. A lot of Barock Style elements you can see till today and the famous ones of the world you can see in the Cathedral there, the biggest church organ of the world. 17 774 pipes with 233 registers were built between 1925 till 1928 together from five organs in one and this is still running today.

You can listen each workday at lunch time and each thursday at 7.30 p.m. concerts there in the months mai till october. At Christmas and New Years day also. The name of the cathedral is St. Stephan.

Ok, some of yours perhaps don't like churches or organ music. You are more sportive ones. No problem, the second highlight is coming. Passau has the biggest golf course in Europe, so they say. Check it out. Oh, you are not a golfer? Sorry, then you can check the large and nice bike trails around the town and along the rivers. In summer times you can swim in a lot of areas near or in the rivers, tennis courts are there and different other sport opportunities.

If you are a little lazy like me you can let you drive or take some sightseeing trips on the rivers. They have there nice and luxury stuffed boats and make turns to the hungarian capital Budapest or the austrian one, to Vienna. These Danube Cruises are very marvellous, mostly one week long with excellent food and entertainment on board.

Now after the change in old Jugoslavia perhaps soon the trips again to the Black See (or Ocean?) in Russia on the Danube will be possible I guess.

Staying in Passau is on the other hand also very interesting because there are a lot of nice things to visit and see. Museums of the Roman times, glass arts, modern paintings, historical things, old treasures and so on. The town has also a nice and good university and by that all things young people like. Shopping areas, marvellous restaurants with all kind of food and don't forget, you can feel the touch of Austria and Bohemia together with the bavarian flair.

The very serious under yours will now ask where is the third highlight he was talking in the beginning. Now, I will not hide it. In the town Passau you will find the biggest carillion of whole Bavaria. Satisfied? I hope so.

So what now? Interested to make a visit or holidays there in Passau? Contact the nice people there from the touristic office, their email adress you find here (click on). The town has also a nice and informing website, it's worth a visit. And please don't forget, if you will need a pickup from the airport to Passau or somewhere else or you like a drive through Europe, don't hesitate to call me.
I like to serve people especially such nice one like you.

Bye till my next trip to Bavaria on the net or personally, I would like that.

Your George

Script by J.W.Lohfink, for any mistakes in spell or grammar I apologize as a precaution, corrections, questions or comments please mail to me.

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