The treasure box of Bavaria's legends and tales

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This page is for all young people, if in mind or age, to keep in our quick time the phantasy of pasted centuries. When your family roots were in Germany, especially in the southern part, perhaps you would like to hear again some stories from grandpa.

All stories with links in the summary are located on introducing sites of towns or villages, the others with numbers are below the summary - you can jump by the linked number.

The gravestone of Johann Klinger

The damage of Mary's neck

The nice water-nymph

The orphan Henry of Kempten

The musician of Blonnhoven

The salvation of a town by the children

Peter von Egg

The headless white horse

The golden plough

Haunt at the "Witchmountain"

The tower guard from the Duke's Eckhardts-Tower at Wuerzburg

The bell ringer of Thannstein ( 01 )

The wood girls ( 02 )

The angels lake ( 03 )

The poacher named Grethler ( 04 )

The mill of Frammersbach ( 05 )

The bell gift from the water-nymph ( 06 )

The treasure in the "Buchet" ( 07 )

The silent frogs from Pleystein ( 08 )

The magic lake of Brueckeldorf ( 09 )

The Furt-Fraeleins

King Watzmann and his family

The treasure in the old Roman castle (10)

The pilgrim church in the village Berg

A German Dagobert Duck in the castle of Tutzing

The foundation for sick barber- and baker journeymen

The "mouse island"

A birth place of Charlemagne?

In the dead-man's-fields ( 11 )

The "hoi-hoi-man"

The lady and the bears

How a pig saved a town

The white feather ( 12 )

A smart wood carver and three stupid and greedy neighbours ( 12+1 )

The devil and the Bridge of Stone

The donkey egg ( 14 )

A wonderful Christmas Tale from Sweden -

The doctor and the child of christmas -

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In a special region of Bavaria the old tales content stories of visions, so the following too:

The bell ringer of Thannstein

In the village of Thannstein there lived in old times a good old confidently guy who had the job to ring every day several times the church bell. He was nearly like a clock, he never started to late although he had to ring the bell first time in the morning at four o'clock. It was in autumn time as he went over to the church tower to do his job. It was dark, a little frosty and foggy as he opened the old screaming door. Touching the rope of the bell he suddenly feared to death.

He saw himself like in a mirror touching that rope. But his contrary, white coloured, more a shadow than a body, said no words and did not move. The old guy flew away and on this morning till lunch time nobody ring the bell. He was fallen in bed, cold fever was shuttling him and only his wife make him feel better with many many good words.

You know, people believe always more to good and positive phrases then to serouis advices and in the afternoon that old guy thought maybe he was a little bit sleepy in the morning and talk himself a scaredy-cat. Although autumn was nearly ending a thunderstorm was coming. That grumbling in the far reminded our old guy on his duty to ring the bell for the Lord saving the village and the harvest. So he ran over to the bell tower, now he saw no ghost. He gripped the rope. Suddenly, just the first ring was to hear, a lightning came down, through the roof, jumping on the bell and from there over the rope in our poor old guy. That was the explanation of the vision in the morning, he had have a presentiment of his death.

In ancient times there should be also a special kind of elfs in the region near Bayreuth, about their behavior and their disappearing people told following:

The wood girls

In the region of Bayreuth there lived in the woods some good female elfs mostly appearing in the size of old small women. They were named "Holzfrala" in translation "wood girls" and they always tried to help the human people. Once a poor maid was on her way to her future husband and she was worrying about the problem that she was poor and he had much more own stuff. So she had taken in her bag some stones so it should look that she has also something to bring into the marriage. On the way she met one of these old women don't knowing it was an elf. The old female asked her about the heavy bag and the young maid told her the truth and her problem. There the elf said: "Because you have told me the truth, don't worry no longer, all stones will be gold coins". And really, coming in the house of her husband, she had no more stones in her bag, they were all gold eagles.

The only enemy of these elfs was the wild hunter, from him we will hear in other stories. He hunted the elfs because they help to the humans. The old woodcutters in these times knew that and while a cutted tree was falling they alway pressed three cross in lefted piece. That was a security point for the elfs, if they could reach such crossed tree end the wild hunter was mightless against them.

But because the woodcutters forget this use in following times the wild hunter had catched them all, the last one should be bounded by him in the near of Mengersreuth.

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The angels lake

Big and heavy was the covering snow in the valley and more and more snowflakes are coming down. Dark clouds brought new loads and the ice of a lake was nearly sounding by the screaming blizzard. The way was covered or icy and really invisible. In this weather a lonely female was drag along over the lake carrying a child of four years on her back in a basket.

The child was freezing and crying "mother, I am so freezing, I cannot longer suffer that, please, when we will be at home, I believe I will die soon". The mother was sad for death and dead tired but with the heart of a loving mother she said "Please my love, sustain only fifteen minutes more. Do you not see our small house with the smoking chimney?" She was lying because the thunderstorm did not allow to see more than one or two feet long.

The female fought against the wind and ploughed through the snow but suddenly a hungry wulf was coming out of the bushes. She feared for death but brave like a mother is she put the basket with the child down and attack the animal. But the wulf take no care of her hits with the stick, he pulled her down.

In this moment the small boy, first he had screamed, felt a strange braveness, took mothers stick and hits with an unhuman strength on that wulf till he escaped with bloody back. Then the child went to his laying mother saying "dear mother, the wulf is away, I beat him, mother mine, do you hear me". The exhausted female looked first to her boy then to the sky because her boy seemed her like an angel now. She got the strength to keep on her feet and soon they both reached their home.

The next few weeks she told everybody about the miracle and the braveness of her small child. So the folks named that lake the "angels lake" since these times.

From the Allgaeu region I heard a story about a poacher, his name was

"Grethler" of Schattwald

Near the small village of Schattwald was living a poacher named Grethler, people said he has a contract with the devil. So he should give visions to other people to become unvisible. He appeared then to viewers like a tree stump. Once he was personal really afraid because one forest ranger sat down on him making lunch. The Grethler now feared, that the ranger will push his knife, using with the bread and meat for his meal, in the stump sitting on, than the magician would be hurt. But he was lucky, it did not happen.

Also this guy should have known magic words to bound people on a place. So one ranger could not move more for- or backwards after met the Grethler. The poacher walk away and meeting a woodworker on the lane he told him to look for the ranger still standing in the wood. This poor man could first move himself after that other guy has told him regards from the Grethler and that he can move now.

So you can imagine, that even the people recruting captains of the army had no chance to catch this poacher because always they met him, he was looking like an old weak man, what they are not looking for.

People told, he normally had a tiny bag with him including a male bee, named by him "Jordan". But in realitiy it was the devil. One day the Grethler want change his mind and behavior, so he went to a deep canyon and throw the bag into. But coming back, the "Jordan" was behind his kitchen table again. The Grethler still was like before and after his sudden death people found the contract with the devil under his pillow.

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Poachers must be a lot in the old times, so folks in Lower Frankonia told following story about

The mill at Frammersbach

In a valley near the village Frammersbach there was once a copper mill. The owner, divorced by death from his wife, was there alone with his son. Business ran well, the son was a good one, but he had one mistake. He loved more to hunt, in reality to poach, than to work in the business.

His father did not like this illegal doing especially he knew the owners of the hunting region, the dukes of Rieneck. They were people not liking to be somebody's fool. But the miller could say what he want, his son did not hear and was still poaching the dears.

One day a strong stag crossed his way. One good shot, he got him and starting to cut the good pieces out of the animal's body suddenly he was disturbed by a young hunter on a horse. This guy had hunted the stag and founding him dead and the miller's son with a knife working on he acclaimed as a poacher. Young people are mostly quick excitable and so started a fight. The son of the miller killed the young rider's man with his knife after he was punished from him by pushes.

He did not know that his dead "enemy" was one son of the Duke from Rieneck. This strong knight came after hearing about the death of his son with all his men to the mill, pulled the murder out and hang him in front of the house. The miller trailed away and long times everybody had seen on this location the ghost of the young miller's son.

First after centuries a stranger came in the area, bought that ruined mill and installed a waterdriven mechanical hammer, what you still can see now there.

In Lower Franconia with the river Main people knew many stories about water-nymphs, here the story of

The bell gift from the water-nymph

As in the Middle Ages the big war raids against the invaders of the "holy land" in middle east were started, the voice of the "holy war" came also to the ear of the duke of Klingenberg at the river main. He took his coat with the cross and his sword to free Jerusalem like thousands of other german knights. His young female was desperate and crying but he only said "It is the will of the Lord, he and the holy virgin will safe you, my wife". But before he leaved he gave his wife an old silver bell once his family has gotten by a water-nymph as a gift. He told her to keep it well in her room. If he would die in the far the bell will sound and note her. In the contrary, if she would run in infidelity, the bell also will sound and he must die in the same moment wherever he will be. This magic the water-nymph had put on that gift.

One year was over, a second, a third, no message reached the desparate lady. She was very sad because the rumours said that thousands and thousands of the knights were be killed by the hooked swords in Arabia. But the bell had not sounded.

A young knight was fallen in that time in love to her and denied the believe of magic. He told her, her husband had said this story only to keep her in fear. Also he had a message for sure that her husband was dead. He was so very good in talking, the young lady believed to him at the end. Just as she had agreed to marry him, he had given her a marriage kiss and striped away the old marriage ring from her finger, the silver bell was ringing like hell. The magic was true.

Desparation and tremendous fear let the young wife fell down. The bell did not stop ringing, so the female jump out of the door, ran all steps to the top of the castle tower and killed herself by jumping in the river Main. The young knight, failing in saving her, made an holy oath and went forever in a monastery. But on the same day and time, people told later, the duke of Klingenberg was suddenly and with no reason dieing in the far Arabia.

From the area of Waldmunich, that is in the near of Furth im Wald, I have the story of

The treasure in the "Buchet"

The "Buchet" is a forrest part near the Bohemian Forest in the near of Waldmunich. In that forest one general named Campbell should leave all the army money in reason of a quicker escaping from the enemy general Wallenstein in 1632. A lot of people later on were searching for all that gold, but nobody could find it although one guy had seen the hidden place. But he had given an oath and he was true. The only thing he always told was that the treasure should be under a stone marked by a haircomb sign. As father death was taking him he confessed several tries to dig out that money by himself, but he was always disturbed by a big black dock with eyes under fire, his last words said.

Years later a young nice farmer's maid working in that wood found a big stone with a curious mark on. Looked like an haircomb. She was wondering about but did know nothing about this old story. Just working further she suddenly felt the earth moving, looking back she saw the stone was sunk down and away. She checked the place exactly, the stone was away but on his place now she found three pieces of gold. She put them in her pocket and walked home with joy.

But, after walking some feet, suddenly a big black dog was appearing and blocked her way. She could handle in many kinds, no chance. Yes, it seemed, the dog became angry and threated her to attack. In this moment it seemed somebody was crying to her "Throw the gold away". She had done so, the dog barks with joy, took the gold pieces with his teeth and ran away. So the maid could walk home after her fear was gone too. This happened on a Good Friday.

This being in the 17th Century she didn't want to the treasure to provide the funds to play casino and start building a property portfolio, instead she wanted the money for her poor father. This also made more than willing to share the ordeal with other people.

At home she told the story to her friends. A lot of them walked out in the "Buchet" and tried their luck, but all were no sucessful. Old people explained the senseless search following: the treasure could be seen only one hour in the year and only on the Good Friday. Adding to this only people born on sundays can see the treasure.

Although one female, she said she was born on a sunday, her whole life every Good Friday was searching in that forest, she never found the treasure. So, maybe he is still there. If you are in the area, born on a sunday, try your luck.

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About bad swears the following two stories tell us, first

The silent frogs from Pleystein

In the town Pleystein they have a townlake, in older times it was the lake of an old castle. There should be a lot of frogs but you can not hear them croaking, even frogs brought from other areas should be dumb after they reached this lake. And the reason should be following: In the good old times, as people more believe to the Lord, all evening the bells ring the glory of Holy Mary. In this hour nobody works, everybody pray and sing the holy songs. So also the three sisters living in the castle.

After the last sound of the bells people can hear the sisters singing the Ave Maria on their castle tower. Some even go in the near to listen the holy songs. But curiously, always just after the sisters begin to sing, all frogs in the castle lake start to croak like hell. It seemed they do not like the holy melody. One day sister Luitgard gets so mad that she cries in the name of the Lord he should punish these unholy comrades by losing the voice. In the same moment no croak was more to hear and that was it. Never the Ave Maria was disturbed by them and people told, it should be the same in our days.

The second story tells about punishment for envy and greed in eternity

The magic lake of Brueckelsdorf

Near the village Brueckelsdorf at the town Burglengenfeld you will find the so named "witched lake". Once he should have lots of good tasting and big fat fishes and his owner gots lot of money from him. Every year the water was let out and then all fishes could be caught. One year, there were so much fishes, that the owner nearly did not know how to handle the catch, one poor looking female came and took one small fish. She just tried to take another small one as the fisher saw her. With hard words he pushed her away. The female gots mad, throws the fish away and cried a swear over that lake that he never will have fishes again. And so it happened. Everybody could see fishes swimming in the water, but if the water was let out, no fish was seen more.

In the old times people believe digged treasures belong to the devil, this story from south Bavaria tells about:

The treasure in the old Roman castle

Near Buch at the Erlbrook you will find an old Roman castle, now it is only an earth hill in the forest. In the Middle Ages there lived a rich farmer in this area. He was not married and his behavior was like Dagobert Duck, catching money was his biggest fun even by illegal methods. But then the rumours getting stronger and stronger, the Swedisch soldiers were coming in this part of southern Bavaria too. So this farmer was in fear of his money and in a dark autumn night he went out to that old Roman castle and digged his huge money box there. And really, some weeks later the soldiers attacked his village, killed, raped, robbed and set fire on the roofs. His farm was burned too but he could save his life. Only for a few weeks then the plague killed him. So nobody knew about the treasure.

Nearly 100 years later there was a blacksmith in the village always looking for treasures and handling with magic arts too. One night he saw in his dream this farmer. The man begged him to solve his soul out of hell by digging out the treasure he had won by unholy manners.He told the blacksmith some rules he has to watch. If he wants, he can take two companions with him but nobody are allowed to talk not even one word and also not looking back equal what will happen. Start to dig out must be at midnight in the night of Saint Thomas.

Next morning the blacksmith talked to some friends and in the named night they all three startet to the old Roman castle in the forest. One remark by the side, the blacksmith weared a red jacket. On the named place the blacksmith made a circle with his shovel around the treasure point, none of them should be go out of that otherwise the devil will pull him. (That was the believing in these old times). Just at midnight they started digging.

And a lot of curious things started too. The sound of a big farmers vehicle was to hear, seeming to overdrive them, horses were screaming and seemed to push them down, the forest looked burning like hell. All three men had fear in all bones but they did not turn or say something. They only dig and soon they saw the top of the treasure box.

But the devil did not give up. He tried another way. Suddenly a fourth guy was there but not coming into the circle. He was looking with a bad smile watching the three treasure hunter digging. They saw, he was the devil, his goat foot and the small horns on the head under the hat with the rooster feather were the best proof. Suddenly he said: "The guy with the red jacket is mine". The blacksmith feared to death, forgot the rules and asked "Why me".

That was the end of the treasure hunt. Although they had seen the box nearly half out of the ground, now it disappeared and the devil was also hiding away with a tremendous laughing. The three men ran home and so the farmer is still in hell, I guess.

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About some bad guys in the farmers branch this old story from lower Franconia tells:

In the fields of the dead man

Near a small village not far from Aschaffenburg there are some fields named the dead-man's-fields. Once on a terribly and stormy night in december a farmer was coming home from another village with his horse and no heavy freight on his trailer. Suddenly the horse stood still and no good words or punishment let him go on. The poor animal was sweating, the nose was foaming and it really crazy. The farmer checked everything, found nothing, but just in this moment he remind that exactly that place had some bad rumours about. He turned and fearing for death he saw a black figure sitting on the trailer's end. Making a cross with his hands the farmer asked " what do you want". The ghost answered "I am looking for one guy who will solve me. Do you will?". The farmer agreed and asked " what shall I do and why?".

The ghost told " as I lived these fields are mine. But I was so miserly that in a night like tonight, it was the same date, I went out and plough a piece of my neighbor's field away. Also I changed the place of the border stone. Would you please plough this part back to the neighbor and relocate the stone too?" The farmer said yes but his question was "how I should know how much I have to plough back?". The ghost promised to show him, jumped off the trailor and a fireball was running over the field. Then it was away. The horse was quiet and the farmer could go home. Next morning he went out to the fields and a burned stripe showed him how much he has to plough back. After he had done the ghost was never seen and nothing more happened in the nights.

From Lower Bavaria this story about magic is coming from:

The white feather

In the old times a farmer had at night times troubles with his horses. One night they were crying or yerking like somebody push them more than usual work. Another night somebody must have bound the hairs because in the morning they have all curled ones. Or one morning the farmer found them all contrary standing in their boxes. So he got afraid. He went to one of his neighbours who was told a wise man. This guy listened to all that stories and then thinking about he said: my friend, I guess, there must be a witch around. Look very carefully and if you will found something not owing to you or in the barn or to the horses, catch it and burn it as soon as possible".

The farmer went home, next morning his finest horse had again curled and bounded hairs and on his back the farmer found a tiny little white feather laying. He took it and throw it in the stove where it burned with a curious sound. After that, time for breakfast was ready and all his male and female workers appeared at the big round table. But one maid was curiously missing, everybody search for her but she could not be found. And also in the coming days, weeks and years, nobody has seen her more.

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After a long time you've waited here is a new story. I am very sorry about the delay but business first then the fun. And fun had this clever guy from Lower Bavaria also:

A smart wood carver and three stupid and greedy neighbours

The Joe from the woodfarmers was a poor wood carver. In the winter times he hade weaved together with his simple wife (simple means "not to much brain" but good) a fine piece of cloth. Spring was coming and he send his wife to the market to sell the cloth and buy a bred and a pig bellows.

Joe had three neighbours, their profession was also the weaving and they were early in the morning also on the way to the market. On the bridge they met his wife and bought from her the fine cloth for a quarter. The simple wife was happy, got the bred and the other stuff, but that was all. Normally the cloth would have bring much more. So Joe was angry about his wife and thought about revenge.

Next morning he filled the pig bellows with mud and walked to the town. Near the bridge he met his neighbours and they asked him what he have in. " It's medicine" he told, "I bring it to the pharmacie". Hey, that could help our wifes, they thought and started a trade with him. First as they offer 100 dollars he sold. And hurried away because they would very soon find out that he cheated them.

And really, very soon they arrived and wanted to punish him. But he had have another idea before. As they came into his house they found him running behind his wife and always hitting her with an old stick crying "monkey stick from monkey young make my wife now young" . And his wife slipped into the stove and out slipped his young daughter. The foolish neighbours got so greedy that they bought the stick from him. At home they hit their own wifes till these were blue over and over the bodies, but never grew young. So they found out Joe had fooled them again. So they ran back to kill him.

But it seemed he was died in the meantime. In his house they found his crying wife and Joe was laying like very death on his bed, a piece of wood on his side. So the neighbours were angry that he slipped away for their revenge and one of them took the wooden piece and hit him for the last time. But suddenly Joe moved up slowly and asked with a voice like a zombie "who has disturbed my eternal sleep" Now the greedy neighbours believed this would be a magic wood to awake dead people. And they bought it for much money from the "awaked" Joe.

Because the kings daughter was dead and the king had promised a high value for this magician who could make her alive again.Three days they hit the princess but she did not want become alive. Just, as the king would kill the three, they could escape in last minute. But Joe could not escape from them. They caught him, put him in a bag and wanted to kill him by throwing in the river. On the way to there they got thirsty by carrying the heavy bag with Joe. So they stopped at the pub to have a drink. The bag with Joe was outside near the wall.

By chance a priest was coming the way and Joe cried in his bag: " I should become pope but I don't want". The priest heard this and said " if you not want, perhaps I can become pope instead of you". Joe said: "yes priest, but then we must change the places, I can go away with your horse and you must go in my bag". The priest opened the bag, Joe went out, the priest went in and Joe closed the bag and rided away.

After a while the three weavers came out the pub and walked to the river. There they throw the bag into. As they looked up they saw Joe on the other beach on a horse. What a surprise. And Joe said "thanks, such nice horses are only on the river bottom to found". Greedy like devils for a soul the three guys thought how to handle that. Then they decide the bravest one of them should jump in the river and the other two would hold him with a rope. If he will see the horses, he should shake the rope and the others will jump into to help him. If he will have problems he should cry and they pull him out.

So it happened. One jumped in, the other two hold the rope. But just in the water he began to shake and rip on the rope because he was fearing for his life. The other two fools believed " he just have the horses" and jumped also into the river. By this Joe get off his three greedy neighbours for ever.

Here I am with a new funny tale. I guess you also have in your country some areas where the people don't like so much the other ones and if they could, they would kidding them. In old times in Germany, especially between Tyrolia and Bavaria, there were some "strugglings" and from that the new story tells:

The donkey egg

In older times in the small Bavarian town named Weilheim a local judge lived and he was always a little jealous about the traders with their donkeys. He wanted one for himself alone but the prices always looked him to high. One day another Tyrolian trader was coming in town and the judge asked him again how much a donkey would be. The trader wanted 50 Gulden (old currency) but the judge thought again that is too expensive. By the way he saw big yellow balls on the traders wagon he'd never had seen before. So he asked him "what's this, my friend?"

The trader wanted to make a joke and said "these are eggs my donkey had put out that night". The judge suddenly got the idea, maybe this would be the chance to get cheaper a donkey and he asked for price and how to handle the breedings. The Tyrolian laughed like hell secretly, sold him one "egg" for 12 Gulden and told him the manual. "You must carry it up to the Goldberg (a hill in the near of the town), sit down on and keep it warm till the young donkey will come out".

The judge did what he've had said and after a while he reached the peak of that hill and warmed the "egg" with his backpart while sitting on. But the way was long, he was sweating and tired and his a.. had pain after a while. So he wanted to change the position but what a mess, the "egg" slipped him away and ran down the hill. There is hided into some bushes. In the bushes a rabbit was sleeping, now afraid about the unawaited visitor and jumped out. The judge saw the rabbit coming out of the woods and he cried what he can "donkey, here! Donkey here !" But the "donkey", our rabbit, ran avway in the fields and was never seen.

The foolish man looked a long time after him till he understand that the Tyrolian had made a big fool of him. So he went back in town and want punish him, but the pumkin trader was long times away.Up

Sorry dear friends, long time I'd other importants works but now I'll give you a new, but in reality old tale again. This tale is not from Bavaria, but it is so wonderful and for Christmas, coming soon, marvellous to hear or tell so I decided to give it to you. The tale is coming from Sweden and I try to translate it so good I'm able to:

The child of Christmas and the doctor

This is a story, Grandfather had told us: once upon times in the north of our country Sweden lived a doctor. He had a small house in a small village and was in a big circle around the only doctor for everybody. The adult liked him, because he was always there, if somebody needs him, and the children liked him too, because he was also nice to adults and the little ones.

In his house there lived with him an old lady to keep his household and his coachman. In summer the doctor was driven in his coach, in winter times they used a slide. His driver must be very busy all times, because the doctor was the only one in the whole area. And if he must not visit somebody sick he was preparing medicins at home, because there was no drugstore in the near.

In one year the winter was coming very early and became very very hard. All rivers and creeks were frozen much earlier than normal and snow was coming down so much, that a lot of streets were never could be used. In the mountains the pathes were some meters high filled up with snow and it was nearly impossible to come down in the flat area. So the doctor and his coachman could only visit sick people in the flat landscape but even that was dangerous enough. Because of the lousy coldness and the high snow the wild animals found no food more and came more and more in the near of the farming houses. The doctor and his driver must have always rifles with them, because the wild animals tried to catch them both. In the beginning winter sometimes some horsemen came from the mountains through the woods but later on there was no way more for them.

But behind the mountains there was a small village and there a little girl got a disease. The mother tried all things she knew and also all advises from her grandma, but nothing helped and the fever was going up and up. She was desperate and said to her husband „my dear, you must ride to the doctor and fetch him. I've tried all I know, but if you cannot bring the doctor, our little girl has to die. The fever is not to stop and goes higher and higher.“ Her husband answered: „my love, you know, our little girl is a part of my heart, but it is real impossible to go to the doctor. The woods are closed and even, if I should be successful, how the doctor should come here then?“

The mother was so imploring that he tried it. He took his rifle and his horse and they started. But reaching the beginning woods his horse was nearly up to the saddle deep in snow. And just in that moment several hungry wulfes came out from the trees. The horse tried to escape but fell down in that moment and only the shooting by the gun gave man and horse the chance to reach the farm in the last minute. The farmer took care of the wounds of his horse, then he went despairing into the living room. „Wife, it is senseless, it was not even possible, to get into the woods. There is no way to ride to the doctor and the night will also come very soon.“ His wife started crying and then she went over to the room of the little girl, to look for her.

The little one saw her mother crying and asked „why do you cry, dear mom?“ „My beloved one,“ the mother answered, „father had tried to ride to the doctor to get some medicin for you, but he had no chance. The snow is to high.“ The little girl replied „oh mom, that is no reason to cry. If you think, we need the doctor so I'll tell that to the child of christmas, what will come in the evening. You'd said yourself it will come today.“

The mother felt like to have a big ball in the throat and then she said „my dear one, that is only an old custom. It should be a memory on that Jesus Christ was coming as a child to us on earth.“ The girl shook her head and said „no, mom, I do believe that deep in my heart and I'll pray for that, then the child of christmas will surely come.“ The mother went out very sad and told to her husband „she is talking again in the fever“. Then her steps leaded her in the kitchen to prepare the christmas dinner, thinking „it will be the last one for our little girl, I believe.“

Half an hour later she looked again for her child and she was suprised, the girl had red cheeks and waved her happy. „Mom, just before you came, the child of christmas was visiting me. It looks like a small boy and promised me to send the doctor here, as I said my beg.“ Her mother called the father in the room and also he heard the same story by his little daughter. After that he thought also more and more, the fever must be very high now, only the mother found in her memory some stories about miracles in the christmas night, so she took these memories as a very little hope.

The Christmas day had also started in the little village where the doctor was living. The most families were having their dinner and the householding woman and his coachman were also at home visiting their families. So the doctor was alone at home and just preparing some medicins and a special ointment, as someone was knocking on his door. „Come in, the door is open“ the doctor shouted and he was very surprised, as he saw a small little boy coming in. He had nice red cheeks by the coldness, his coat war over and over full of snow and the same with the nice cap, the little boy pulled down greeting the doctor very politely.

„Hey, my little one, who are you?“ the doctor asked him. „I thought, I know every child in the whole area but yours I'd never seen before.“ The answer was very shocking for the doctor, because the little boy answered „I'm only here in christmas time and I bring you a message from the village behind the mountains, because you are needed there very urgently.“

„You're kidding me, my dear boy,“ the doctor replied, „I know very well, that we have so much snow in the woods and mountains, that nobody can come from there to here. And a little boy like you are to send nobody else will do too, because the wulfs and bears would have eaten you very very quick after entering the forest.“

„No, Doctor, I'm not joking. I have in that village there a little sister, which is very sick and must die, if you're not coming. You'd said yourself, you're not knowing me, so I beg you to believe me.“

„Dear boy, even if you're not joking, I cannot help you. My coachman is at his family and even I would beg him to drive me, he would not do that middle in the night through the forest!“

„That's not necessary, dear doctor“, the boy said, „I've my own slide with me and I'll drive you myself. And back you'll be brought too surely, you can believe me!“ The doctor was nearly despaired „but, the wild animals would attack us and would nothing be left without our shoes and buttons. Even you were lucky enough to reach me – I know, the Lord keeps his hand about children often more than about adults – if it will be with a good end a second time, I cannot believe that !“

The boy shook his head and said „dear doctor, did you not know, that the wild animals nothing do in the christmas night?“ The doctor said very sad „my dear boy, I would really by my heart help you, but that, you've asked me, is nothing than an old legend. Animals don't know a calendar and so we both were in highly danger. Believe me, I really want to help you and your sister, but it is impossible and I cannot even let you drive home!“

The little boy looked at the doctors face several minutes and very serious, then he asked „You're fearing?“ „Yes“, said the doctor. The next question by that boy nearly grab the doctors heart „and you don't trust in the Lord?“ The doctor was shocked. Then he said „you're right. If you are trusting so much in the Lord, it would be a shame for me not to do either. The Lord's will should happen! One moment, I have to grab my bag and my rifle, then we can go, hopely your horse will be strong enough!“
The boy answered „you'll see it soon, dear doctor. The rifle you can leave here, we'll not need it.“ The doctor grabbed a lot of medicins, filled his bag and then he took the double-shooting-gun thinking „better is better“. „Now we can go“ he said to the boy. But leaving the house a great surprise was waiting for the doctor. In front of his door was no horse, no, a big slide with a lantern was standing there. And the slide, the doctor was not believing, was not pullen by horses, no, a huge elk was in front of the slide.

„Wow,“ the doctor said, „you've curious horses there over the mountains.“ „That are the best ones for weather like this“ the boy answered. After the doctor has entered the slide, the boy covered him with a warm coat and then he whistled. The elk was starting and quick like the wind the slide was sliding. The elk seemed not to feel the weight of that slide with the passengers and very soo the first trees of the dark woods were nearly reached. But there, between the trees, the doctor saw the burning lights of hungry wulf eyes and he grabbed for his gun.

Just in this moment the boy turned around and said „let the gun away, you've no knowledge of animals.“ The doctor surrender to his fate and thought, the child must really have more understanding than him. And look, the boy shoutet something to the wulfs and these turn around and ran in front of the slide. So the snow would become harder and the elk has not so much do fight with the road, although it was slower in the forest than before. But the slide must not stop for even one time so it was some hours before midnight they reached the small village behind the mountains.

The boy stopped in front of the house, where the sick little girl was laying and said to the doctor „here it is, dear doctor, my little sister is waiting for you.“ The doctor took his bag and opened the door after he had knocked on. The farmer and his wife were very astonished to see him „you're coming, dear doctor? How you have heard, that our little one is so sick?“

„You are good, my friends. You've sent yourself your boy. A very good one, but, your and his trusting in the Lord must be tremendous, to send the little boy through darkness, woods and wild animals.“ The farmer was not understanding. „What you said, dear doctor? I have no son, the little girl is all what we have!“ Now the doctor was confused too and said „what a funny boy, he'd said to me, he's coming about his sick sister. Ok, but one thing I want to know, how you have reached to prepare an elk for slidepulling?“ The farmer was understanding nothing more „an elk?“ The doctor took his hand and leaded him in front of the door.

And really, there was the slide and a huge elk in front, but the boy was not to seen. „Such curious slidedraught I don't have and I also don't know anybody in the village, who can tell this at his own. Do you joking to me, doctor?“ The doctor said „no, we'll talk about later, now show me your little girl!“

They both entered the room with the sick girl, which was just sitting in her bed and talking to her mother. „Dear mom, just even the child of christmas was here and told me, it has brought the doctor. And I will be well very soon again. And to the doctor I should say the message, the child of christmas has no time more to coach him back personal, but the elk will find his way alone and the doctor should not have any fear!“

The three adults were looking at themselves and the doctor grumbled „that's a curious story.“ The father said „that's the fever“, but the doctor shook his head „no, here is something else working on!“. He gave the little girl a medicin and said „so, my dear little one, now everything will become fine. If somebody got such a visit and visitor, he'll get very soon healthy!“ Then the parents and the doctor let sleep the little girl and went in the living room.

Next morning the fever was away and the doctor really could go home. In his mind he thought „I'm wondering how it should go without that boy“. To that time in a year the sun was coming were late up. The farmer, accompanying the doctor to his slide, shook again his head heavily. „Dear doctor, yesterday night I thought, you have a reindeer in front of your slide, but now I see, it is really an elk!“ They said goodbye and the doctor went in the slide.

As soon he was in, the elk started with huge steps. Coming nearer and nearer to the woods the doctor felt fear again and he thought, it would be helpful the boy would be with him. And really, between the first trees he saw a bunch of wulfes again. He want grab for his rifle, but suddenly the elk turned his head and talked to him. „Let your gun, we'll not need it!“ And reaching the wulfes, the elk said to them „that's the man, the boy from heaven brought in the night here and we have to bring him safely back“. So it was done, some wulfes ran in front and some behind.

A long distance everything was fine, but then there was a steep hill. There the slide turned to the side and the doctor fell out and some meters down. Suddenly a big bear was coming out from the bushes. But he don't attack the doctor, no, he lifted him up and carried him back to the slide, the wulfes had stand up again in the meantime. And the bear could also talk and asked the doctor „are you hurt somewhere?“ The doctor, now wondering about nothing more, answered „no, thanks a lot“ and then the drive was going on. At the end of the woods the wulfes stayed back between the trees only the elk drove the slide till the front of the doctors house.

People said, that since that night the doctor should have become a little curious. He would also talk in the woods with the wild animals and, like a miracle, they would not attack him, so he can now also drive in winter times to help sick people without any problem.

18.11.2007 ©®J.W.Lohfink