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Maybe two big questions are now on the table - who is Father Sebastian Kneipp and where in Bavaria I will find Bad Woerishofen? Let us start with the town. Bad Woerishofen is a well known cure-town, in reality more a village than a town, in the swabia part of Bavaria. If you have visited Landsberg in my travel guide or the town Kaufbeuren then you are just in the near. Almost in the middle between both towns once a small village existed now expanded to a nice little town. Not so big like Kaufbeuren and Landsberg but it is still a town now.

You can reach Bad Woerishofen by train, bus or car (hopely with mine). Coming from Frankfurt, you take the highway Stuttgart-Ulm-Augsburg, then over the federal road B 17 to Landsberg and then on the highway A 96 Munich-Lindau. Bad Wörishofen has an own exit, but not so near that you have the traffic noise there.

Arriving on Munich airport my airportshuttle will bring you in about one hour to that town using the highway A 96. From some towns in Germany you have also connections to Augsburg airport.

And now the second question will be answered. Father Sebastian Kneipp was a priest in the dominican monastery in Bad Woerishofen and his "discovery" developed Bad Woerishofen from a village to a cure town or bath. Perhaps you know the methods of curing after Kneipp, but do you know also how he "discover" them? Let us go a little bit back in history of that man, town and medicine.

In 1821 Sebastian Kneipp was born as a son of very poor people, working as a kid watching farm animals and later on weaving cloth in dark cold cellar rooms. Growing up his only wish was to study and then work in the church. By luck he found a sponsor and so he started in the age of 23 to study. But the poor times in his child times weaked his body and he got sick with tuberculosis. To that time a deadly sickness.

The Lord had other plans with this man. As a student Kneipp was allowed to use the King's library in Munich. There he found a small old book written by a country doctor in Schlesia (now southwest district of Poland). This doctor wrote about the strength of clear cold water to help against sicknesses.

The young student Kneipp, no other chance to see, tried these old advices. So i.e. he bathed in the winter for a few seconds daily in the ice cold river Donau (Danubia) and the wonder happened, he was cured and the tuberculosis lose. After finish his studies he was sent to the monastery at Bad Woerishofen and there he tried to help other fathers with these "water-curing". And he was successful.

Trying several ways and addings his helping was so good, that more and more people came to him. This was a problem for the studied doctors and they pulled him several times to court for "mistreating" people. But they lose the courts in main. Later on some of them studied at Father Kneipp how to treat and so the big win of the "Kneipp-cure" started.

I am not a doctor, only (your) driver, so I can tell you not in medical words all the benefits ot these methods. In short, there are five elements of curing. First the cold and clear water refreshing the own body strength. Second moving programs with, as third point, adding the good power of plants. Fourth special food and fifth looking for the soul or inside thinkings of humans. A doctor will better explain to you, especially in Bad Wörishofen. They can cure a lot of things even some chronic sicknesses.

If you decide to make such a cure or your doctor send you a third question will come up maybe - what can I do beside my cure? Let me tell you a lot of things.

Starting with the second program point - moving. In Bad Wörishofen they have in town and outside marvellous walking ways, you can bike, swim, play golf and or tennis. That's all part of your cure, nice, isn't it?

Other possibilities will be tours in the area for example to the King's castles Neuschwanstein or Linderhof. You can visit Kempten or Schongau, day trips to Augsburg or Munich are possible and so on. Beside my airportshuttle service you can hire me for such trips too, let me know what you want see, I calculate a tour and price for you.

But the town Bad Wörishofen itself offers a lot for eye, ear and soul. You can contact by e-mail the tourist-information or go by phone +49-8247-969050/1 or fax +49-8247-90114. The tourist office has also all contact possibilities on the homepage of the town, perhaps you take a look on.

Need a drive to Bad Wörishofen ? Your personal driving service in business class on ground is waiting for you. I would appreciate to serve you. Till the next meeting in another nice town of Bavaria - cheers, your George.

Script by J.W.Lohfink, for any mistakes in spell or grammar I apologize as a precaution, corrections, questions or comments please mail to me.

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